The Novelties in sofas 2020 and the Barcelona Sofa

Looking to renew the market, some manufacturers have some  innovating proposals to pleased clients that are more and more segmented and specialized.

In the market of sofas, now the proposals have to do with the design of legs. Looking to please most of the personal inclinations, and even aiming to a female / masculine targets. So, you can customize your sofa with stylish options, like:

  • Tall Curved Wood Leg
  • Tapered Round Wood
  • Sloan L Leg
  • Tapered Square Wood
  • Stiletto Leg Tapered Round Metal

This options are mixed with different types of wood and metals, like Oat, and walnut (wood), or brass, nickel, steel, or unfinished  (metals).

Ornamented casters are too a new trend to offer mobility and more sophistication, with brass and wood details to make your sofa visible from the top to the feet.

These options are definitely a door for customization, but do they change somehow the nature of design?. Its something to think about.

Successful designs, like the Barcelona Sofa, has managed to stay in the market for over 80 years, without a minimal change in its design.
That is a great design. It doesn’t need any change.

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