The Noguchi Table Can Be a Key Part Of Your Eclectic Decor

Some styles are more popular than others and even more flexible, with greater adaptability to different environments. The mission of finding original conceptual ideas will never lose validity or importance. Eclectic trends always seek to combine elements of different styles accurately to generate highly contrasting original layouts. Counter traditional geometric shapes and common lines (rectangles, squares, typical horizontal and vertical straight lines) with other more daring ideas, such as mirrors with irregular shapes, sharp angles and asymmetrical objects, furniture with a biomorphic tendency such as the Noguchi table, combining natural elements like exotic plants, wood, stones, and minerals with other more recognizable ones like metals and fine textiles it’s a good way to generate a fascinating and innovative visual impact.

Breaking with harmony, finding new functional decorative schemes, merging trends, and always showing personality can be the most valuable aspects of a layout. Imagine a snail-shaped bookshelf gleaming on your wall, holding up your most treasured collection of books. Shelves randomly arranged on a wall with different decorations can clearly have their very own aesthetic value. A carpet with asymmetric patterns, especially if it has very vivid colors, can be very attractive and stand out for its visual effect.

Noguchi Table
Source: Homedit