The Napa Sofa Is a Beautiful Sample of Furniture With Wood Structure

You may have heard it said many times and you’ve likely seen it yourself in almost all the most popular decorative styles and the most claimed design trends: wood is always present. Be it in a Napa sofa or any other furniture piece, this material has had a great role and a place of honor within the world of interior design and decoration since its inception and throughout the centuries. Any mid-career professional furniture designer or interior decorator will quickly recognize the aesthetic value that only wood can offer. It’s no coincidence that it’s an important component of almost every midcentury sofa. However, very few people know the secrets of this wonderful resource and the properties that earned it its wide reputation.

Wood is an element that comes directly from nature, specifically from trees, and as such is unique in its style, because it’s a material that only time and the ecosystem as a whole are capable of forging through the years. Some trees take hundreds of years to reach their most optimal and amazing states, allowing them to develop incredibly strong and extremely beautiful trunks. These logs are used for the manufacture of first-class parts and are quoted on the market at high prices. Some woods from trees such as pine, cherry, oak, and mahogany are highly requested for the manufacture of pieces of all kinds. Others like the American Walnut stand out for their undeniable beauty and smooth texture. 

You wouldn’t forget a modern sofa in which the wood has a relevant presence as a vital component of its design.