The Mario Bellini Sofa Was Part Of The Modern Revolution 

The number of pieces in the furniture world is increasing more and more! This way of expressing art is totally admirable as you can see in particular pieces how much the designers have put their creativity to the test. Today we will show you one of the sofas that has stood out for being a creative and revolutionary representation.

The modern sofa we are talking about is the Mario Bellini sofa. This piece bears the name of its creator. Mario Bellini is an Italian designer who has been an important participant in the modernist movement. At that time the so-called “boomers” realized that the distribution and design of the houses was becoming obsolete, therefore they decided to start opting for more open spaces and lower seats that allowed easy mobility. It is for this reason that the Mario Bellini sofa has a particular wave shape and structure. Besides, it is completely configurable, which at that time was a whole new concept. This sofa not only shows an unordinary shape and height, but also it has the modular characteristic. What a piece right? 

As you can see, the Mario Bellini sofa is definitely an appropriate representation of modernism! Did you know about it? Comment below!