The Flag Halyard Chair Is an Authentic and Original Piece of Furniture

The Flag Halyard Chair was Hans Wegner’s strongest demonstration that he, too, was capable of producing highly significant work using chrome-plated steel tubes. It’s a model that, although it doesn’t use the usual materials and doesn’t include wood, which was its specialty, it still has its stamp of originality and indisputable personality. The braided flag halyard with the long-haired sheepskin covering the seat and backrest is a hallmark of authenticity not found on any other similar chair model. Furthermore, the final comfort effect produced by the user experience is the result of the search for perfection that characterizes all of this Danish’s works.

It’s a piece that emerged in the imagination of its creator during a casual moment on a summer afternoon by the beach. It was at that very time and place that he began to shape the first sketches that would later become this highly acclaimed model. Wegner is famous for being the creator of the Shell Chair and more than five hundred other pieces, some of which became icons within its aesthetic trend and style.

Thanks to its popularity, some products appeared on the market, such as the Flag Halyard Chair replica by Manhattan Home Design. This Flag Halyard Chair reproduction has been manufactured faithfully following the characteristics of the original model presented by the designer more than fifty years ago.