The Eames Office Chair: a Perfect Piece For Open Concept Offices

Open office designs are a recent rage in fashion in new workspace configurations. Many companies have almost completely displaced ways of organizing their employees in cubicles or closed offices to make way for rows of workstations where people are interconnected, without separators or anything that hinders fluid interaction. Imagine an office with a floor plan based on an open concept and each workstation with an Eames Office Chair for greater user comfort and a more distinctive decorating style.

The models designed by Charles and Ray Eames, which belong to the Aluminum Group collection, are recognized not only for being comfortable and ergonomic but also for being iconic models of the Mid-Century Modern style. Additionally, there are very faithful imitations such as those of Manhattan Home Design: the Eames Management Chair replica, the Eames Ribbed Chair replica, the Eames Soft Pad replica, among others. If you have more traditional tastes and you prefer that your employees continue to function in the cubicle environments that were very common in the nineties, these chairs are still a reliable and very convenient option also for those types of configurations.

Whether you want to build offices made by cubicles or open concepts, an Eames Office Chair replica can be the great protagonist of your space.