The Eames Lounge Chair: A Design of Great Prowess

Charles and Ray Eames were known for their feats and unmatched talent for design and architecture. However, their tireless search for a balance between cost and benefit was another reason that made them world-famous. It’s believed that they invested many years between the 1940s and the 1950s, trying to create the perfect low-cost furniture, high-quality, affordable pieces that people could buy to furnish their homes during the post-war era. It can be said that these two decades were the most popular for these two designers. It was in this context that the Eames Lounge Chair was born, introduced to the market for the first time in 1946, but it was a chair from another kind.

Many of the Eameses’ chairs reflected the austere mood of the time but the Eames Lounge Chair, in particular, was a model aimed at a high-demand audience, taking into account that the chair wanted to stand out for its high quality and design innovative in every way. One of the items that increased the price the most was undoubtedly its luxurious leather upholstery. American consumers had slowly regained their appetite for luxury. The Eames Lounge Chair moved away from low-cost chairs to present a model that, to this day, remains highly coveted. That huge popularity gave way to very faithful imitations like the Manhattan Home Design’s, a replica that’s virtually identical to the original.

The Eames Lounge Chair reproduction is one of the most iconic modern designs ever created, and its influence was so great and remarkable that it’s not known for sure whether it was a product intended to cover an existing demand or it was a design that, due to its immense success, it generated an entirely new market share within the world of furniture.