The Barcelona Table: Crystal Security

In interior design is important to consider safety. We are spending more and more time in our houses, and there we are always vulnerable. And especially when we hear the words “kids” or “pets” around. Safety became a transversal element of all the designs.

Crystal décor and safety

Nowadays, most crystal décor elements are elaborated with tempered glass. Tempered glass, differently than standard glass, has a very slow time for cooling in its process of manufacturing. This makes the tempered glass four times stronger than regular or standard glass, so it can be considered a safe material.

The Barcelona Table, part of the Barcelona Collection, has a top of tempered glass.  The glass top is a solid piece of tempered  3/4″ thick with a polished 1/8″ beveled edge that is easy to clean, wipe only. The glass is held in place on the frame by 4 clear rubber bumpers that support it. As Ludwig Mies van der Rohe visualized, the  Barcelona Table features a stylized cross form base made from hand-polished #304 stainless steel flat stock that is .6 inches (15mm) thick by 1.25 inches wide, taken from a single piece for additional durability. 

Always keep in mind that you have the last word in every element of your furniture is yours. But you can count on the fine quality of the Barcelona Collection, either in its crystal top  Barcelona Table,  or its other items.

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