The Barcelona Table, Crystal Elegance in your Office

As you may noticed, lately there is a growing trend of using  alternative ítems as center tables: Tables, Ottomans, old trunks, and even solid rocks. All those are great choices actually, and may work well  (or fail miserably) depending of the setting and the particular space we are working on.

What about Offices?

Your office is a particular space, where functionality is requested, but aesthetics and style are important, too, and they say a lot about yourself and what you do aspire.

One classic coffee table or centertable is the Barcelona Table, though labeled just as a Table when it was released in 1929. The Barcelona table is rectangular, with a glass top and a characteristic “X” metal frame. But you will find rounded, oval, and non geometrical, irregular tables that combine the most dissimilar elements, to provide you of a good support when your are seated along with your partners or clients.

Crystal Quality

The Barcelona Table is made with a solid, but elegant frame in chromed stainless steel, crowned by a fine glass top. The glass top is a solid piece of tempered glass 3/4″ thick with a polished 1/8″ beveled edge that is easy to clean, wipe only. The glass is held in place on the frame by 4 clear rubber bumpers that support it. The Barcelona Table has a sober, stylish figure to fit in every space. From formal to relaxed. Its measures are ideal to medium or large spaces and is suitable to place a coffee set, or a group of magazines. 

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