The Barcelona Table and the Pros and Cons of Glass

The glass Tables are definitely elegant and modern. They can really create a stylish scene in your space due to its transparency. What are the rights and wrongs of a glass top table, like the Barcelona Table?. Let’s take a look.

Pros: Transparency

Of course, the transparency of glass has an appeal for unique, for sophisticated spaces. Glass makes a room clearer, brighter. But is not its only virtue. Its transparency allows it to show details and elements in your decor that a solid color object won’t let you. This way, a beautiful rug pattern, or even your wood floor will be visible. Transparency declutter your view, so you can enjoy a lighter space.

Pros: Easy to clean and maintain

Glass is completely solid, and don’t absorb anything, so clean its surface is easy. A moisturized cloth and a little amount of soap are enough.  Paper towels are a perfect tool since they absorb all the filth or grease in the surface. 

Cons: Safety.

Glass is not the best alternative for a house with children or pets, because of its risk of breaking. Even though there are alternatives like tempered glass that make it stronger, is not worthy to assume the risk for an accidental break. Additionally, it has to be treated always with care, to avoid any risk. 

Cons: Once damaged is irreparable

Nowadays glass is very endurable and strong, but it has its limits. If a section is broken or hit, there is no way to repair it and the whole piece is damaged. Other materials like wood can be maintained with more ease.

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