The Barcelona Table and the new trends in coffee tables 2020

The coffee table is one of these perennial furniture items we never want to miss in our decor. Useful, beautiful, and even graceful, is along with us in our daily routine providing us of our favorite beverages or magazines while gathered with our family and guests. When we gather around a beautiful coffee table, like the Barcelona Table, automatically we tend to relax and feel pleased to keep our interesting talk. 

Let’s share some lines about the Coffee table and its trends in 2020.

What is exactly a coffee table?

What we now call a coffee table is by general a low profile surface used to serve beverages or used as a support to store some daily routine objects. We can find it mostly in the living room, though is not its exclusive commonplace. We can find coffee tables in our office, professional halls, or even our backyard.  

 While there are no written rules about it, is considered that a coffee table should have enough height to allow you reach your hand and grab your favorite drink effortlessly when you are seated in your sofa; but at the same time, no that high to allow you to watch TV without interference. 

There are endless designs and different models of coffee tables, but they all tend to assume the same principles: Compact, small size fitted to the dimensions of a standard living room. The coffee table is located mostly in front of a couch, sofa or sectional, and in front of the TV. 

Where was originated the coffee table?

In spite of being considered today one of the most extended pieces of furniture, there is not a long account of the coffee table in history, until recent times.

It was only in the Victorian era where English sources first recorded the use of the term coffee table, though in a different sense, referring to a big size table, just made for serve coffee.

It’s believed that the Ottoman Empire furniture contributed with the adaptation of the concept coffee table, taking it from the traditional Ottoman. 

Ancient exotic furniture pieces like the Japanese or Hindu tables, though they influenced the concept of a coffee table, can’t be considered as coffee table themselves, because they lied directly on the ground, without legs, for people sitting on the floor.

Trends in 2020: Coffee tables.  

In 2020, coffee tables keep with their endless models and designs, with some common factors:

Coffee tables: Shapes

A classic Coffee Table

Most of the coffee table keep a squared or a rounded shape. They both have advantages and disadvantages. A squared table allows you to get most of the surface for serve drinks and keep your stuff.

A rounded table makes easier for people in the living to move around, in and out of the sofa. Of course, there are non geometric tables with irregular patterns, like the Noguchi table, that are very popular; but as it happens with furniture, classic options have a longer expectancy of life and relevance.

Coffee tables: Tops

Barcelona Chair and Tulip Table
A Tulip Table, with top of marble, along with two Barcelona Chairs/

The top of your table becomes relevant when you have to choose which model you want. The classic choices are tables entirely made of wood, or with a glass top, as the case of the Barcelona Table. Do you have kids? glass tops are more recommended for grown-ups home.

On the other hand, glass tops are very elegant and they fill your place with light giving you a sense of light through its transparencies. There are more options, like marble or even mirror tops, to create optical effects. One classic Mid Century Modern style table, like the Tulip Table, has a stainless steel body with a marble top that is very appreciated for its endurance and beauty.

Coffee Tables: Function

Though the main use of a coffee tables is very obvious, lots of designs are made to add some extra functionality.

While the classic option has generally one surface, their table sets, too, designed to provide more storage spaces for everyday stuff: your phone, throws, magazines and so on.

Table sets, as most of the coffee tables are portable and detachable, so you can separate the element that you want to use.

There are directly storage tables designed with several drawers or inserts. They can be useful, but you should take care of not overcharge your space and not occlude or obstruct your view. 

The Barcelona Table: A classic of classics

Barcelona Daybed Replica 2
A Barcelona Table, among the Barcelona Collection.

Created as part of the Barcelona Collection, the Barcelona Table is the essence of a classic coffee table, or center table. With its low profile glass top; elegant and sleek and with a dynamic stainless steel frame, its the cherry of the cake in a classic set up.

It is a very good choice when your furniture is solid or heavy, and you need to lighten it a bit. Its glass top reflects light , so works as a tool in dark places. The sober design of the Barcelona Table make it great too in office rooms or professional spaces. 

The Barcelona Collection

The Barcelona Collection is a line of furniture representative of Mid Century Modern Style. It was created in 1929 for the International Exposition of Barcelona, by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Originally manufactured first in Germany, after a brief interruption is manufactured in America to this day, conquering new markets and users from all over the world. The rise of the Barcelona Collection made it so popular, that now there is a vibrant market of replicas all around America and Europe. 

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