The Barcelona Table, a Special Ally

In the world of décor, there are lots of alternatives for center tables: Tables, Ottomans, old trunks, even solid rocks, all they are used right now as coffee tables and center tables.

Though, some people ask, from time to time, if its really necessary a center table.

Its really important a coffee table in your Living Room?

Yes. it is a need in every living room for the proper center table.
In every living room, your coffee table will bring you facilities that you can get from another item or device around. Is a matter of convenience. Chat and share with your relatives or guests in your living room implies drinks, being coffee one of the most popular options, to place your smartphones, magazines, or the TV/audio console remote. So, definitely, you will need a coffee table from one way to another.

The center table, or coffee table, is one of the most popular items in decor. There are almost endless designs and models of coffee tables, with different sizes, shapes, materials, and with several functionalities.

One classic coffee table or center table is the Barcelona Table, though labeled just as a Table when it was released in 1929. The Barcelona table is rectangular, with a glass top and a characteristic “X” metal frame. But you will find rounded, oval, and nongeometrical, irregular tables that combine the most dissimilar elements, to provide you with good support when you are seated along with your friends.
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