The Barcelona Sofa: The Fascination of Leather

Take a look to a trend blog or Interior Design page nowadays and check out the latest sofas. You will see colorful pieces with several shapes, and it has been this ways for several years.

Nevertheless, if you ask a person to describe you a sofa, or an ideal sofa, very probably they will, describe a giant leather sofa, like a Chesterfield or like an LC3 Sofa. And the experience only enhances when they meet the Barcelona Sofa by the Barcelona Collection.

But What is that perennial charm of leather that survices beyond any trend?. Leather has always been preferred by users by many reasons:

  • Elegance. Nothing has a more beautiful view in furniture upholstery than leather. Its shinning, texture and clean cut look has no serious competitor
  • Texture. Leather is comfortable and flexible. Leather tends to be a little rigid when is newly acquired, but it relaxes and adapt to the shape of the body with time.
  • Maintenance. Leather is a very simple surface to clean and maintain. When it comes to spills, is enough with a simple moisturized cloth. That is a clear disadvantage of microfiber.
  • Hygiene. Leather doesn’t suffer from dust mites or allergens, because of its solid structure.  

In spite of the current trends, in favor of much more color and rounded design, classic options, black and white are still in trend, and with it, leather furniture, whether in black or white leather. There is always a niche of selected users that go with the classic option of the Barcelona Collection and the Barcelona Sofa.