The Barcelona Loveseat: Sleek is better

One recurrent mistake, when we find ourselves working in a small room, is to confuse small furniture with sleek furniture. That confusion may lead us to some annoying design failures. Let’s try to see it.

Small rooms are a common challenge for most designers. Through the years, tend to live in smaller and smaller homes, due to the high prices of real estate and to the progressive shrinking of the families. So, it’s usual to find that living rooms are smaller and smaller.

And what’s the right principle to apply when you buy furniture for a small room?

First of all, it’s a priority to measure.

That will allow us not only to  buy the right measure of furniture, but to make sure we’ll have no problem getting it in the required spot. Your entry door and your entry ways must be considered.

Second, think about design and your needs.

If you have a small living, maybe that bulky, big cushion sofa is not what you really need. Your living will look overloaded and there will be mobility problems for you and your guests. In Interior Design, you must get the most of the space to make you feel comfortable but free in your own space. Sleek furniture, with clean-cut lines, gives you free space, and a better, clean view of your living room. 

Third: Small is not Sleek.

Keep in mind that one sofa or loveseat may have small measure numbers, but to have a too bulky design that still interferes with your vision of the rest of your décor.                                                                                                                           

And that’s why you need a  Barcelona Loveseat .  With a elegant, sober, and sleek design it will bring  all the comfort you need with a lot of personality while your living room looks better than ever.

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