The Barcelona Sofa and the Charm of Leather

When it comes to sofas and chairs, the market now has a lot of choices, where the different models offer not only different shapes, but in materials and upholstery.

Microfiber, velvet, and cotton are some of the most popular upholstery, but leather is still wide popular, too. Many people, when thinking on a sofa, describe a giant leather sofa, like the Chesterfield, or the Barcelona Sofa. And still is like that, maybe with a demand for more variety in colors.
But what is that perennial charm of leather that keeps it always in trend ?.

Leather has always been preferred by users by four basic and evident reasons: 

  • Elegance. Nothing has a more beautiful view in furniture upholstery than leather. Its shine, texture and clean cut look has no serious competitor
  • Texture. Leather is comfortable and flexible. Leather tends to be a little rigid when is newly acquired, but it relaxes and adapt to the shape of the body with time.
  • Maintenance. Leather is a very simple surface to clean and maintain. When it comes to spills, is enough with a simple moisturized cloth. That is a clear disadvantage of microfiber.
  • Hygiene. Leather doesn’t suffer from dust mites or allergens, because of its solid structure.  

Nevertheless, there are some disadvantages of using  leather. First, its temperature can be variable. In cold days can be a little cold, too. Second, is available in fewer color options than microfiber. Leather tends to be less flexible than microfiber and it is available in fewer shape designs.  

But, as we can see, the advantages of leather are strong enough to sustain its prolonged presence in the world of furniture. And when it’s combined with beautiful designs, it can’t be matched. The best image of this is the Barcelona Sofa. A unique blend of elegance, utility, and endurance that has survived generation after generation of fashion enthusiasts and lovers of design. This Black Friday, you can get your Barcelona Sofa, in Barcelona Design.