The Barcelona Ottoman: Versatility at a small size

The Ottoman is one of the most popular furniture items in the whole world. Is part of almost every setup. There are all kinds of variations and versions: Colorful, decorative, storage, relaxing… The sky is the limit for the type of Ottoman we prefer. 

Barcelona Design makes a great rendition of the Barcelona Ottoman, an item part of the Barcelona Collection. 

The Barcelona Ottoman

There is no doubt that versatility is one of the outstanding attributes of the Barcelona Ottoman. It can be used in many creative ways. As a relaxing spot for your feet, and as a storage surface for a couple of magazines, and as simple as a decorative object, the Barcelona Ottoman has always an elegant point of view as a focal point.

You can use your Barcelona Ottoman as a tool to restore some equilibrium in a unbalanced room.  A too dark living room, due whether to a very dark paint, or to an excess of wood, can be lightened with a white Barcelona Ottoman at the feet of your sofa, or to your accent chair.

It works for the opposite case too, and using your Black Barcelona Ottoman you can add some character and color to a space with too much white colors, or with an excess of lights.

The Barcelona Ottoman is part of the famous Barcelona Collection. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the Barcelona Collection in Barcelona Designs