The Barcelona Daybed. When it’s better for me?

Many people enjoy taking snaps or relax in daily hours when they are at home. Or to relax very comfortably in the company of their closest ones in spaces outside the classic living room or bedroom. Or at least is what they say they want to do if working wasn’t that hard.

Nevertheless, with the arrival of the lockdown, the market for furniture is receiving a stunning call to assure a comfortable and productive place in your own home. So, versatile proposals, like the daybeds, sleeping sofas, and others are in high demand. What do you think it could be best for you? It looks kind of shallow, but a sofa bed is not the same that a sleeper sofa, or a daybed. They have different options for you, and some are better for your needs than others.
Let’s take a look at Sofa beds, Sleeper sofas, and Daybeds.

Sofa Beds: Occasional use.

A sofa bed is convenient for you depending on your needs. A sofa bed is for an occasional guest. You will rest with your head in one arm of the sofa end your feet in the other, so is not comfortable on a regular basis.

A Sleeper Sofa: For regular guests

A sleeper sofa is better for regular guests. You will pull out your mattress from one seat, and you will be with your head in the seat, and your feet to the opposite side of the wall, in a 90 degrees angle with the wall. That means a regular rest for someone that stops by every weekend in your place, for example.

A Daybed: For You

A daybed is a regular bed with the shape if a couch, with a 3 sides frame, like a couch. It generally has a back seat and arms. Some daybeds, like the¬†Barcelona Daybed¬†are armless, more like a bench or a mini-bed. Daybeds are more suited for an occasional snap in a relaxing room or a lounge room. It gives you a time of personal relaxation that no other furniture gives you. Is always ready for you, it doesn’t need to be unfolded and is not providing seat space. Daybeds, like the Barcelona Daybed are for your personal use.

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