The Barcelona Daybed in the trends 2020

Daybeds in 2020 are trending, and several publishers notice it. According to Better Home and Gardens, the versatility of pieces like the Barcelona Daybed makes it perfect for several spaces in your house, like the family room, living room, and even outdoors.

Besides, there are some advantages into the world of daybeds, to take in account:

Daybeds are family-friendly. Everyone is invited, and that includes pets.┬áIt’s the ideal solution for the one who wants extra comfort and cozynes outside the bedroom

They can be used as space solver, in large rooms

Nowadays, Daybeds are divided in traditional daybeds, with a 3 sides frame; or armless daybeds without the frame (they are called full daybeds, too). These Daybeds have the additional advantage of not blocking your view (whether a window or a TV).

The Barcelona Daybed is the archetype of a full daybed. Designed in 1930, it had at the time the same characteristics that you see now in the best daybeds in the market. The iconic bolster cushion, its clean-cut line design, and its sleeker silhouette make it the favorite of many generations. The Barcelona Daybed its the classic option, and you will find it in Manhattan Home Design.