The Barcelona Chair, the Platonic Ideal of a Chair

The Barcelona Chair is definitely one of the most beautiful modern chairs ever made. Its iconic silhouette and black upholstered cushions are in the golden pages of architecture and interior design enthusiasts all over the world. This sense of admiration is well expressed by critics and writers around the world, just like the great American author Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe, one of the greatest American novelists, with remembered pieces like The bonfire of the vanities, or A man on his full, has been described sometimes like the crooner of the high class American society. About the Barcelona Chair, he stated that the Barcelona Chair was the “platonical ideal of a chair”, and emphasized how it was necessary for the students of architecture to save enough to posses the original version of this piece. 

In philosophy, platonic means the quintessential thing, the model that holds the essential elements that every subject in the real world must-have. And, somehow, it’s true. The Barcelona Chair has the main elements that any chair should have: Functionality, beauty, and quality. Is a chair to enjoy and experience in the long term.

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