The Barcelona Chair Replica, the Smart Choice.

Mid Century Modern style is a case of a rara avis in the Interior Design world. Its last revival can be traced in the decade of the 1990s. Since then, it hasn’t decayed again, but on the contrary, it managed to consolidate as one of the major trends in Interior Design since then. It means that the Barcelona Chair, as other classic furniture pieces have at least 30 years of sustained growth in the preference of Americans and European houses.

This high popularity of Mid Century Modern originates a big demand for products inspired by this trend. The market reacted to this big demand in three different ways, with the traditional design houses; the low-cost stores, and the replicas market. Let’s take a look.

Low Cost Stores

It is easy to find low-cost stores for almost everything, and at the same time, it’s easy to know the side effects¬†of the purchase at a low-cost store. In the case of furniture, it means, almost with 100% of certainly, low quality ends. An this means a poor material selection, deficient manufacture, and a very short life expectancy of the piece. Once again, cheap doesn’t mean necessarily unexpensive. One small disbursement for a piece of furniture may end in another disbursement very near in the future.

Traditional Design Houses

The original production and manufacture of the items of the Barcelona Collection, just like other famous pieces of Mid Century Modern period, were reserved first for the traditional design houses that emerged with the movement since the 1920s. These houses since then have the license to use the name and brand of the designer. This generates an additional charge to the final price, rising it significantly. Buying a piece of design from a traditional house will guarantee high quality, but unless you have no budget limits, you will find several alternative ways to invest your money.

The replica’s market

The emergence of Mid Century Modern at the end of the 1990s revealed a demand for design furniture that couldn’t be satisfied by the regular providers. MCM became so popular that traditional houses wouldn’t cop the demand, and on the other side, low-cost stores were not an incapacity to attend it with the standard of quality requested. Another choice was needed. The market of replicas took over. With an absolute commitment to quality and without the need of paying for license fees or the use of the brand, the replica manufacturers provide renderings of the best quality at affordable prices.

The Barcelona Chair, by Manhattan Home Design

With a commitment for achievement, excellence, and being true to the original design, Manhattan Home Design is one of the most successful online stores for Mid Century Modern renditions.¬†Don’t miss the opportunity to have an experience of high-class furniture, taking the smart choice. With Manhattan Home Design you will get an exceptional quality product for an affordable price.