The Barcelona Chair and the Wall Street Journal Unimprovable Awards

Perfect as it is. Nothing to update. For the years to come. This way is considered the Barcelona Chair, not only by all Mid Century Modern enthusiasts but for the Wall Street Journal, when in 2018 awarded the Barcelona Chair with the Unimprovable Award, a very prestigious prize in the world of design.

The Unimprovable Award’s purpose is to recognize excellence in a timeless design. As they state: “Indestructible items to buy and hold”. In a world obsessed with technology, a product of excellence doesn’t require updates, upgrades. You don’t have to wait for version 2.0. There is only one original. On the contrary, good designs and products only get better with age. With careful maintenance, these are the kind of products that outlast the original owner and become vintage, and then Antiques. This is the case for a Barcelona Chair.
What does the unimprovable Award have to say about the Barcelona Chair?
Awarded in 2018 among other 7 timeless pieces, the Unimprovable Award recognizes the masterful use of form in its “X” shape stainless steel frame. Making a reference to Mies van der Rohe’s work, it states that Mr. Rohe “poeticized a simple X-shaped form, elongating the base so that the cantilevered seat appears to hover in the air.” Quite a praise. 
Timeless elegance
The Barcelona Chair was the team effort of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich, in 1929. As part of the Barcelona Collection, it was released in 1929 in the International Exposition of Barcelona. Originally created as a sort of throne for the King Alphonse XIII of Spain. Even though he actually never use it, its spectacular design made it a breakthrough in the field of furniture, and it was started to get manufactured in the 1930s in Germany with some interruptions, and then manufactured continuously in America since the 1950s, with a phenomenal success to nowadays.
The Barcelona Chair is perfect as an “Accent Chair”. This is one single, unique chair that drives your attention in the room, and became one of the focal points.  It has a stylish figure, an iconic “X” shape frame of stainless steel, and two comfortable leather cushions that invite you to seat and have a good chat. Either in its classic black presentation, white or other colors, the Barcelona chair catches your eye and it will bring a touch of class and elegance. 
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