The Barcelona Chair and the most important pieces of Mid Century Modern

Once in a while, there are occasional countdowns were experts and scholars pondering about the importance of the most significant pieces for an artistic movement. This the case here with the next Most Important pieces of Mid Century Modern, compiled by Gear Patrol. Let’s take a look at what are the pieces that create the image of what we see now as Mid Century Modern.

  1. The Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman. Probably one of the most iconic designs in history, it became the archetypal image of comfort and relaxation after a hard day of work. Created by Charles and Ray Eames in 1956.
  2. The Noguchi Table. Definitely one the most popular and sold pieces of furniture in history. Two pieces interrelated of wood, topped by a glass top, following the principles of biomorphism. Created by Isamu Noguchi in 1948.
  3. Being used in the first televised debate of American Television is more than enough to put its name at the top. This chair was named PP501 “The Round One”, and then, just “The Chair”. That is a very clear indicator of the popularity of this item. It was created by Hans Wegner in  1948
  4. The LC3 Grand Chair was one of the most revolutionary pieces of furniture at the time of releasing. Its metal tubular frame, supporting that massive cushions create a great balance of strength and comfort. Created by Charlotte Perriand in 1928.
  5. The Nelson Bench, with its rustic simplicity, is one versatile piece that serves many purposes and it can be located almost in any place of your house. Few furniture pieces have that amount of functionality and simple but effective design. Created in 1946 by George Nelson.
  6. The Eames Shell Chair is the image of what many consider authentic Mid Century Modern: Using experimental materials (fiber plastic); light; function over decore and clean-cut design. It has countless imitations. Created by Charles and Roy Eames in the 1950s.
  7. The Knoll Sofa. One of the most influential designs in furniture. Take a look at the Knoll Sofa and you will find that a great part of all market now is clearly under the guide of this everlasting design. Created by Florence Knoll in 1954.
  8. The Egg Chair is one of the most eye-catching designs ever made. With its unique silhouette, it invites you to sit and try it in irresistible ways. Created by Arne Jacobsen in 1958.
  9. The Pedestal Table or Tulip Table brings the futuristic look to Mid Century Modern. Taking the legs away as its creator wanted, created a world were legs weren’t that messier. 
  10. And finally, the Barcelona Chair. One of the most beautiful designs ever made and one of the most iconic silhouettes of the last century. A modern throne. Created by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1929.

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