The Barcelona Chair and the Barcelona Collection

One of the most relevant furniture design collections in the world of Interior Design, the Barcelona Collection has some very famous pieces, each one relevant on their own merits, like, for example, the Barcelona Chair, or the Barcelona Daybed.

In the world of Interior Design, “classics” is associated with excellence in design and timeless beauty. This is what happens with the Barcelona Collection

Developed in 1929 by a then young talented German Designer, L. Mies van der Rohe, for the International Exposition of Barcelona, became one established and timeless furniture collection, very popular due to its elegance and beauty. Van de Rohe searched for inspiration and ways to avoid being common. He went back to Ancient History, mainly to the Roman Empire and Ancient Egypt. 

Van de Rohe had the vision to combine timeless concepts with an experimental approach in materials and manufacturing techniques. The result was splendid, elegant and comfortable.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get in touch with the elegance and beauty of timeless classics like the Barcelona Chair. Barcelona Design is your alternative for Mid Century Modern style design pieces.