The Arco Lamp Can Give The Master Touch To Your Color Scheme

The paint you choose for the walls of your compartments can make a very significant difference that can even influence how comfortable you feel in the place and how much or little you can enjoy it. When you discover that colors affect even the perception of space and the way we see shapes, you discover a world of exciting possibilities that you can experiment with. If you have an extraordinary floor lamp like the Arco lamp at home, the possibilities reach their next level, taking into account that this lamp emits an abundant beam of light through its reflector head.

There are different values for each paint color that can have diverse effects. If you build your color scheme with several of these values, you’ll give coherence to your style and a sense of continuity. Warm colors create a feeling of closeness, while cool colors tend to make things seem more distant. A light color scheme and neutral colors are usually good companions for the Carrara marble base of the Manhattan Home Design’s Arco lamp replica and its impressive stainless steel arch, which can measure up to 95 inches in height.

Reinforcing and highlighting the properties of the colors you have chosen is easier with a design like Arco lamp reproduction. Discover the wonderful features of this iconic Mid-Century Modern style.