The Arco Lamp: a Perfect Element In Your Bedroom

The advantages of having a floor lamp in the bedroom are many, but if it’s an extraordinary model like the Arco lamp, the advantages are easily duplicated. The extraordinary Carrara marble base of this artifact gives it enough stability and firmness, and you can use it as a small stool or night table as well if you put it next to the bed to place small things like your cell phone, your current bedside book, garments or small ornaments.

The Castiglioni brothers thought about all the details, including how this base could be easier to move from one area to another, which they achieved thanks to the cylindrical hole that goes through the marble parallelepiped in which a broomstick fits to move it easily.

However, the base’s versatility is not the only remarkable feature of this design, which is also present in models such as the Arco lamp replica from Manhattan Home Design. Also, its imposing stainless steel arch, which can reach 95 inches in height.

The Arco lamp reproduction can also project overhead lighting, which is not common in all floor lamps. The user can receive direct light from above even if the base is two meters away. That is perfect for reading and manual work. This was one of the most outstanding characteristics and advantages of this piece, which made it one of the legends of the Mid-Century Modern style.