The 7 deadly sins of Interior Design, by the Barcelona Chair. PRIDE.

Maybe you are really happy with all the decor you brought to your house over the years, and maybe you want everybody in the world to know that you have style and a great sense of decor, but in that case, you are facing the risk of showing too much, and you end committing the sin of PRIDE. 

It’s a natural thing, but we have to know how to contempt ourselves. Of course, if you have a Barcelona Chair in your living room, you want to show it. You feel proud and pleased of having a great design object in the middle of your room.

Thou Shall Not to Show off

There are subtle and no so subtle ways too, of showing off in decor. One obvious way is by placing furniture in the wrong way and places, like displaying a Womb chair in the backyard, just because you love its red color and you want all your cocktail guests know you got it. Its tasteless, but is not only tasteless. Its dumb, because you are using your furniture incorrectly and it will finish damaged in a brief time.

But there are more subtle ways to show off. An excessive, or over the top decor is noticeable and can be annoying, too. Your living room has to be beautiful and elegant, no doubt, but never at the risk of losing its functionality.

An excessive show of ornaments, figures, antiques, familiar treasuries and furniture in the same place will make the look of your living room of some interest, but with the funny sensation of being into a museum or art gallery, instead of someone’s house. 

If you don’t feel comfortable enough in a room, there is something wrong with the decor. As too beautiful you can see your living room with that samples of antiquities all over if you are not feeling invited to sit down, recline and have a good chat, is because there are excesses that must be addressed.

How to avoid falling in showing off?

One word

Don’t ever forget this word. Sure you heard it before: “minimalism”. Is one of the golden terms in today’s trends

Get in touch with the trends and décor tips. 

If you are in the middle of a redo, or you are planning to, is a must for you to get some information on what you want, and what is the style that better suits you. Keep in mind that most of the major style trends of decor in interior design, advocate for minimalism, and very sober use of furniture. Actually, Mid Century Modern advocates since its beginning in function over design and minimal decor, as some of its core principles. The Barcelona Chair is a great sample of this. Elegant, sober, and beautiful.

Get advice

Get a consult with your interior designer, to know what’s’ right and what’s wrong. They will be very happy to help you, and let you be proud without committing a sin!

Trust in Manhattan Home Design, the experts in Mid Century Modern Style, to get the best rendition you will have of the Barcelona Chair, that wonderful design object.