The 7 deadly sins of Interior Design, by the Barcelona Chair. LUST.

What happens when all the decor efforts are concentrated in one spot of your house and disperse in the rest of the spaces? Are you giving everything only for your bedroom to the detriment of the rest of your property? If that is the case, you are maybe committing the sin of Lust. Continuing with our series of the Seven Deadly Sins of Interior Design, let’s shed some light on the subject.

Thou Shall To Restraint yourself

when you are in the middle of a renovation you try to build a plan or scheme on what is the scoop of your work. Sometimes, you are looking to renovate just your living room, sometimes your kitchen or bedroom. But in the end, if your budget is restricted, like most of us, you should make a decision. 

You can be a Solomonic ruler, and assign with fairness your budget to every space of your house until you have a fair renovated house…or you can assign discretionary and keep an open preference for one room, and spent over and over again in it. Aren’t you committing lust?

There are many examples of this sin. This never-ending kitchen, that is the favorite space of the house. That garage with continuous additions of shelves and technological gadgets. This bedroom has the best Egyptian cotton sheets and silk colors on the walls…While the rest of the house lacks some little help to cope. In the end, all has to do with balance.

It’s a great thing to have the best bedroom available because we know very well how we deserve it, but if this is obtained due to the abandonment of the rest of the house, the result is not that pleasant. 

To avoid falling in lust, the best tool you can use is planning. You must recognize that your property is an investment, and you need to keep it in the best shape to obtain the best return in the future on a hypothetical sale.

So, all your effort must go in the same direction for your property as a whole. If you have a house, the waterproofing system has a priority above any kitchen top. Painting your whole apartment is a must above the best gaming chair and desk. Prioritize and execute a plan, step by step, and you’ll be satisfied in the end, while you seat in your Barcelona Chair and light your fire. 

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