The 7 deadly sins of Interior Design, by the Barcelona Chair. GREED.

Yes, there are 7 deadly things for many things in life, and Interior Design doesn’t have to be an exception. Let’s go with the Barcelona Chair, reviewing a deadly sin in every article. Let’s comment about GREED.

Thou Shall No Overcrowd!

That’s right. One of the deadliest habits of any decor is the tend to overcrowd, overcharge our spaces, and that’s is to commit the sin of pride. We want to have many nice things, and we want one living room with everything we believe to make us happy: We want the TV, the fireplace, the big ultra-cozy sofa, the accent chairs, plants, and the most beautiful Persian rugs under the chicest coffee table in the market, while we are surrounded of fancy floor lamps and stunning wall art. But can we have it all?

The answer, most of the time, is you just can’t. Space, sunlight, weather, to name a few, are constraints in Interior Design that limit our possibilities and lead us to decide alternatives. Balance is always our keyword, and we must always find a way where our furniture enhances our room, but without being the only star. 

When a room is overcrowded, you can tell it right away at the moment you get in, whether it is a living room or a bedroom. You feel uncomfortable because you don’t know where to sit or recline, or because is difficult to move between each piece.

And getting into the room is not the only way to notice you committed the sin of overcrowding. From outside, one overexposed place can be too revealing about the content of the house, through windows and balconies. Once again, pride can make you too revealing. 

Why did I Overcrowd my place?

Well, you commit the sin of greed, for starters, the moment you don’t check your measures, and the measures of your furniture. You can easily overcrowd your place when you let yourself be taken by charming ads and that lovely showroom that you went without being clear about your true needs for your house.

You can overcharge by not reading what your room is telling you and trying to impose an exotic set up against the natural layout of the room. Or you can overcrowd your room only due to insecurity, just trying to have the essential furniture but with no one at your side to tell you “I think this is enough. Don’t you think?”.

How to avoid the risk of overcrowding?

  • Edit. Declutter. Review. And repeat. Think more that a couple of times if this purchase is really necessary and what does it have to do in the context of your whole house.  
  • Think always in this arch known term of Interior Design: Minimalism. It is there for something. 
  • And always think: What am I not buying due to this purchase? How many pieces do I have in my living? 

Remember always to avoid the sin of greed, and you will have a balanced place. Manhattan Home Designs is your comfortable manufacturer of Mid Century Modern Replicas of classic items, like the Barcelona Chair. Let us help you to build the place of your dreams with style, and affordable prices.