The 7 deadly sins of Interior Design, by the Barcelona Chair. GLUTTONY.

It’s yours. That gigantic, extra super cozy, and absolutely trendy colorful brand new – sectional is yours. And you have it in your living room as you always wanted since you’ve seen it in that blog of Interior Design.

Now that you are satisfied with such an bold piece of furniture, you look around and say to yourself that this beautiful piece will be a lot better, very much better with an Arco Lamp in one corner.

But is not that it will be simply a better view. It turns out that you absolutely need this Arco Lamp.  Is a must, and it has to be now.

But then, at the end of the month after you pay your bills and give a look to your room, you don’t feel that good.  Your wallet is empty. But you know you will need again the urge for the rest of the Mid Century Modern style living room set up. You are maybe committing the sin of GLUTTONY and you even don’t know.

Thou shall to self-control.

You are not in a competition to show which is the most trendy home in your neighborhood. There is no way you can have a place that reflects exactly the most hipped set of living room and evolve continuously, on a daily basis.

It will not only impact your wallet. It will make of your place a impossible house, where the need for relaxation and a distended environment is drowned below  the dictate of fashion.

You can commit the sin of GLUTTONY by aspiring to have in your place everything is released in a specific trend, for example, a baroque living room full of shabby chic decore stuff. But you can commit GLUTTONY too, by filling your place with all kinds of different styles in an authentic mash-up of items that some people will call as ” Eclectic – Contempo” or another label.

As a general principle, balance is the magic word in Interior Design, and that can’t be reached if you get into a never-ending circle of buying and replacement of furniture or creating an undefined, confusing place where many layers of anything turn into nothing.

Channeling with some temper your decor impetus will sure allow you to rise a pretty lovely set up, and that will let you enhance the magnetism of your Barcelona Chair, the moment you display it in your living room.

Trust in Barcelona Designs, the experts in high-quality replicas of Mid Century Modern Style furniture, to get the best rendition you will have of the Barcelona Chair, that wonderful design object, just like the rest of the Barcelona Collection.