The 7 deadly sins of Interior Design, by the Barcelona Chair. ENVY.

It’s been said that one of the worst, damaging feelings is the feeling of ENVY. It corrodes and destroys hearts and souls like rust destroys metal they say. When it comes to your decor, Envy can assume several faces. Let’s take a look.

Thou shall not suffer

Envy may arrive if you watch TV programs like The life of rich and famous and (wrong) you start to wonder how to live like that and things get out of control. Envy may show up watching some impossible mansions in Architectural Digest. It can be a pretty addictive habit.

That’s not all. Envy may show up when you see that property, once of yours, is sold by a third for a huge sum. That can be devastating, but you should walk away from a situation like that, as soon as you can.

But here, let’s talk about another kind of ENVY. When you are an avid enthusiast of Interior Design and style, you may feel an irresistible impulse to get some classic item of design, with the particularity that many times they tend to be very expensive. To have one original piece is sometimes far away from reach ant that may affect us. What to do, then?

You don’t have to fall into the sin of ENVY and suffer from its terrible consequences.

There is a way to enjoy and experience stylish pieces of design, recurring to the market of replicas. Since the end of the 1990s, the replica’s market is getting at the reach of many people, the quality and functionality of design pieces that prior were reserved only for very fluent budgets. In Mid Century Modern style, a high-quality replica of a classic item can be almost as rewarding as the original piece. This is the case of the Barcelona Chair by Barcelona Designs.

Crafted with the best leather of the market, the Aniline leather, and with careful manufacture that combines manual and automatized processes, Barcelona Designs delivers a rendition of the Barcelona Chair that exceeds the expectations of the market of replicas and leaves you satisfied, and happy. There isn’t any better cure for ENVY that experiencing the perfect thing!

There are several reasons why having a high-quality replica can be even better than the original piece. For starters, a replica cost a lot less. Second, you can use a replica as a proxy: How does it look this piece in my living room? How does it look at this beautiful Barcelona Loveseat that I always watch in magazines here in this space?. Finally, if you are a renter, you can use your replica of the Barcelona Chair as a beautiful addition to your property for sale or rent. It will look beautiful, it will contribute to raising the value of your property and it will make it more attractive to potential buyers that will have the replica in the house at the moment of rent, just because they find it so appealing.

Trust in Barcelona Designs, the experts in high-quality replicas of Mid Century Modern Style furniture, to get the best rendition you will have of the Barcelona Chair, that wonderful design object, just like the rest of the Barcelona Collection.