The 3 Revolutionary Features of the Barcelona Chair

Why was the Barcelona Collection that revolutionary?

Formed by the iconic Barcelona Chair, Barcelona Sofa, Barcelona Loveseat, and by the Barcelona Ottoman and Barcelona Table, the Barcelona Collection was an authentic breakthrough in the world of design back in 1929. Nevertheless, someone may say that the principles accepted in 1929 for a good design have changed since then. But according to the prolonged success and growing popularity of this pieces in the world of furniture even today, the universality if this principles is still relevant. What are these principles?

  1. Functionality over design. The whole structure of a good design is directed to solve a problem or necessity. Le Corbusier, an outstanding Mid Century Modern Designer, used to say that good furniture should function as a natural extension of the human body, so the shapes and textures have to be natural and harmonic too.
  2. Minimal ornament. As a direct consequence of the previous principle, ornaments are no relevant in a very good design. This was a point of hard confrontation with the classical order, where ornaments were considered an important aspect of any design. 
  3. Experimental materials. Another point of rupture with the past, the criteria to choose good materials whether for a building or a piece of furniture, has to be its convenience, cost, and beauty, in that order, and not otherwise. Exotic materials. luxury fabrics weren’t welcomed. This is why Mid Century Modern is associated with industrial materials and textures.

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