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5 Caring Tips To Make Your Barcelona Table Last Longer

The Barcelona table outstanding one-piece design maintains both quality and longevity, it’s an authentic piece of any interior design. This iconic element is usually placed on living rooms, home offices, or even bedrooms. 

Wherever it is placed is always catching everyone’s eyes due to the polished chrome frame that shows a luxurious vibe and without mention its high-quality large plate of thick sturdy glass.

In summary, it’s cataloged as unique and delicate furniture, that’s why it’s important to making look like just bought.

Here are 3 suggestions to avoid any type of damage and protect this masterpiece.

  1. Don’t place any heavy object on it.
  2. Try to avoid placing any sharp stuff on it – Although it is built by high-quality material, still is glass!
  3. Use placemats to reduce the risk of spillages and marks – See it as an opportunity to adding original textures and patterns that could complement your home design.
  4. Maintain it clean – You can mix baking soda and white vinegar with warm water to remove grime
  5. Avoid any abrasives – Last but not least! You should never use any abrasive product on a glass surface, as well as any cleaners containing ammonia or acid! 

Follow these steps and add a few more years to your iconic Barcelona table!