Solving doubts with The Barcelona Sofa: Mismatch pieces

Your house, your rules. You need to feel good about your place, and that’s is the first priority when it comes to Interior Design. And if this requires breaking some rules, maybe it’s time to do it.

One common doubt that people have in their homes has to do with the matching of different furniture colors and models. If you have several sets of furniture into the same spot, do they have to match perfectly? Does everything in the same space belong to the same concept?

The classical assumption is that everything in the same room, let’s say one living room, should match.  Colors and style should be very alike and harmonize according to the classical color matching.

Nevertheless, a classical interior design considered that one living room, for example, is just one space. All seats and furniture gathering around the same point (Let’s say the fireplace), and in consequence, all of them sharing the same view. In a stage like this, is logical that one single concept of Design was enough to unify the place in the model of furniture and colors.

Matching pieces in dining rooms

But right now, times have changed, of course, and modern rooms changed, too. In dining rooms, for example, is now a common practice that not all the chairs in your living room match. can leave two of a different set, generally, at the top and the bottom of the tale. That is a widely extended broken rule, now. Same way, some people tend to replace in one of the sides of the table a couple of chairs, for a bench. That is a broken rule, too.

But even broken rules have some norms to take into consideration. In the case of dining tables, certainly, you can play with different sets of chairs in the same table, but you must procure that all heights are the same.  And the two “mismatch” chairs should be better of the same set.

Matching pieces in living rooms

Something similar happens if we talk of the different colored furniture in the living room. Here the name of the game is kind of different. In the living room, beauty is somehow more evident that functionality and the set of colors is more evident. If you need to gather, for example, two sofas in the same living room, would you get them the same model and color?

For starters, there are two situations to keep two sofas in the same room. In one situation, you have two different spots in one space. A big family room with one “wing” dedicated to chat and conversation, and one “wing”

dedicated to watch TV and have fun.  In this case,  both sofas are used for two different purposes, and they are tied to different sets (rugs, side tables, and so on), and in consequence, you don’t need to really match between them, though a minimal alignment is desirable.

But you can have two sofas facing each other in the same room. Is not a common situation, but sometimes it happens. Huge spaces, big families, and a living room that is the meeting point of your neighbors street may justify it.

In that case, a good play is done with two sofas of the same set, but different color. Face to face, a white Barcelona Sofa vs a black Barcelona Sofa may create a very interesting effect.  In order to create a rich but balanced effect, is desirable if both sofas aren’t overcrowding the space. To avoid that effect, a sleeker, sober model of sofas are much better. The Barcelona Sofa is perfect for this purpose. Its clean-cut lines armless design and elegant black leather beauty could fit perfectly face to face providing extra seats and enjoying the benefits of more furniture without the overload.

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