Sofa or Couch? You decide

Sofa or a Couch? That is the eternal battle between enthusiasts by each other side. In the end, your need as a user will tell you if a Sofa is better than a Couch. But keep in mind:

There is always confusion about the terms couch and sofa, and they tend to be used indiscriminately.

By definition, a Sofa has armrests and is bigger than a couch. A sofa is more formal, elegant, and sober (without losing comfort), than any other alternative, whether is a couch, a futon, a sofa bed or so many other options.

A couch has no arms. Is smaller than a sofa, and it is designed considering comfort as the first priority.

Space is the key

For people living in small places, with restrained space living rooms, a couch is a way to get seat solutions and a space to relax and rest while you watch TV.

For people living in larger living rooms, a sofa is great to receive guests and sit for a chat. A sofa wears elegance and beauty to your living room, with comfort.

The Barcelona Sofa, is a great example of an Elegant, Sober sofa.