Sectionals Vs The Barcelona Sofa. What’s the right choice?

Sectionals and Sofas are always competing for the preference of the consumer when it comes to taking the role of the focal point of the room. Some people are die-hard enthusiasts of sectionals, while others can’t just imagine their room without their beloved sofa. But what is really the best choice? Let’s find out.

To decide between a sectional or a sofa can be a tricky question sometimes, but there are some principles of Interior Design that may help us, as a guide. Just take into consideration that in the end, you take the decision. It’s your living room.

What’s a Sectional, in the first place? 

SOurce: Align
A sectional Sofa

Sectional is a type of sofa. They are generally made with sleek lines and have a rectangular or square form. From it’s name we can assume that are modular sofas, with several “sections”. What is convenient about sectionals, and makes them so popular, are the different combinations that can be made with them, base on your needs. Aligning several sections, you can create “L” sectionals, or “U” sectionals, but there are many options. 

Pros and cons of a Sectional and a Sofa

Pros of the sectionals

  • They can adapt to the layout of your room
  • They provide several seats and can generate more seats available with the addition of more sections. 
  • When displayed as “L”, the long limb of the sectional is used automatically as a bed.
  • Sectionals doing better in medium to small spaces (with the proper measure), because generate the bigger number of sits available per space. 
  • Sectionals are comfortable and cozy. They are preferred when it comes to gathering several people in the same spot. 

Cons of the sectionals

  • Sectionals are space suckers. Due to its rectangular or squared design, tend to absorb all the visual of the room.
  • Enthusiasts of decor are not very fans of sectionals, due to the monotony of its design (most of the times big solid squared, rectangular cushions)
  • Sectionals require very conscious maintenance.
  • A damaged cushion is easily recognizable from all points of the room. 
  • Sectionals are not suitable for very small or very large spaces. In a very small room, a sectional take a lot of space and overcharge the room, while in a very large space a sectional makes no sense. You can subdivide your space into several spots. 

Pros of the Sofas

  • Sofas are the classic furniture piece. They are beautiful in their own essence, beyond its particular design
  • Sofas has a wide variety of designs and shapes: squared, rounded, rectangular. They have more identity.
  • Sofas adapt to every space: small, medium, or large, with the correct addition of sidekicks: Loveseats and single chairs.
  • A sofa has a more proportioned measure. They only will overcharge a room in extreme circumstances (A large sofa in a very small room) 

Cons of the Sofas

  • Sofas has by definition a more rigid structure: 3 or 4 seats.
  • To adapt at one layout you have to play with loveseats and chairs that not always have the same design.
  • They offer less seats than a regular sectional
  • In order to gain a bed space with a sofa, you must buy a sofa bed, or a sleeper sofa. Some people find it annoying to fold/unfold a sofa bed.

How do I know what’s better for my house?

Keeping in mind that your choice is personal, there are some logic rules to prefer sofas over sectionals in some spaces, and vicecersa.

Space, its the Space

A sectional is the adaptation of a sofa with the main purpose of maximizing comfortable seat surface, this model of furniture is perfect for medium space rooms. But you need to measure your room always before buying a sofa or sectional. And need to find out the measures of the item you want to buy:

Usually, the most common full sectionals measure about 95″ by 95″ or 98″ by 98″ and the depth typically measures 36 “to 40. Usually, an average 3 seat sofa measures 78” width (without arms)Distance between seating furniture: Aim to provide between 3.5′ and 10′ between seating options to help the conversation flow without crowding a room remember that these numbers are estimates, you should play with them depending on what you’re planning with your room, but the message should be always clear: don’t overcharge your living. Is one of the worst mistakes. 

What are you looking for, comfort seats, or an elegant beautiful place?

It’s not a futile discussion. A numerous family, filled with friends or pets will get the most of a great sectional; but if you are a grown-up in the middle of a grown-up circle of friends, your priority is to create a place for a great chat and cool encounters.

What do you like? 

And most important, what do you find more interesting? What would you like to see in your living? A comfortable gorgeous seat or a pool of cushions? In the end, you have the last word. But if you think about a sofa, never miss the chance of a Barcelona Sofa, part of the Barcelona Collection. 

What is the Barcelona Collection?

SOurce:  Derlook

The Barcelona Collection is the entire sum of the set of furniture designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe for the Barcelona International Exposition of 1929. This collection has a great impact on the world of Interior Design and furniture, due to the revolutionary changes that it brought in an early date like 1929.

The Barcelona Collection, by that time, was formed by the Barcelona Chair, the Barcelona Sofa, the Barcelona Loveseat, the Barcelona Ottoman, the Barcelona Table, and the Barcelona Bench.

The Barcelona Daybed, a modification of the Barcelona Bench, was added in 1930, and its one of the most popular elements in the collection right now.

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