Ophelia Bed: a Sturdy Pine Wood Design

Why is pine wood so important in a model like the Ophelia bed? This type of wood is special, present not only in this model but in many other furniture products, and it’s a resource highly valued for its rigidity and resistance to shocks.

A platform bed frame built with this material will have an indisputable advantage that ensures its durability and resistance with continued use or repeated transfers. Furniture designers and manufacturers choose pine because it’s soft and easy to work with. Furthermore, such a wood bed frame will be much easier to stain thanks to the clear nature of pine.

However, the Ophelia bed is not stained but is a low-profile modern bed frame with very soft and padded upholstery, which provides an indisputable elegance and a very sophisticated minimalist look, which can give any bedroom that so special premium touch that many seek.

A mid-century bed frame can offer you great performance and durability at an affordable price, as it’s an easier type of wood to market than other more expensive materials. Besides, pine is very light, and that will make it easier for you to move the bed when you need to clean the floor, rearrange the bedroom’s layout or move house. The advantages of having a pine bed like the Ophelia bed will surprise you, and it’ll fill you with satisfaction for all that it will give you in an aesthetic and functional sense.