Notes from the Barcelona Chair: What are the tones for 2021?

Interior Design in the last years made intense use of neutral colors. Some people argue that this is an overused trend and that it should be replaced by a new, more colorful palette. But since these complaints have been in the air for several years already, and people tend to rely still on clear, neutral tones, is better to adapt, and look for inspiration for a palette of live colors, beyond the conventional triad of white, beige, and grey.

Therefore, let’s check here some alternatives on colors, considered as trendy for 2021. 


Well, let’s face it. Neutral colors survived because its internal strengths. That is the case with white. Pure white not only contain all the colors in it, but it reflects any other color better than any other. In 2021 designer will strive for fresh, bright proposals, and white is the best tool for contrast that a designer has in its hands. 

Mid Century Modern tones

This perennial style shows its relevance by the use of its palette in 2021. Bright yellow, orange, green, brown, saturated red, are samples of colors that will be out there, along with the classical furniture classics, such as the Barcelona Sofa, or the Hans Wegner Shell Chair

Earth Tones

Nature colors and materials are all over the year 2020 and 2021. Wood, especially light wood will be one of the favorite materials, and that will be reflected in color. Brown, beige, green are in the first line of attack, and they should be used carefully to bring a fresh perspective and taking care of not to be boring, or naive.  

If you want luxury

A peaceful, quiet place is not always what we want in our homes. If we are digging for some luxury and vibrant colors, 2021 is the year for rich, deep, and noble shades. Black, Purple, Indigo…And waiting for the color of the year by firms like Pantone. Luxury, selected places will use better materials that are not trendy for regular spaces, like metals, crystals, and mirrors.

The Pink – Blue Connection

For many years, pink has been considered like a guilty pleasure in decor, especially in furniture. Used with some irony and almost in a secretive way, today interior design is craving for color, and pink goes on the attack line. Used with a soft approach, with the solid complement of dark blue, lemon, yellow, green, that secretly desired pink sofa is getting close to your living room.

If you want to enter the world of classic masterworks of Design, don’t miss the opportunity in Barcelona Design, the place for classic pieces, like the Barcelona Sofa and the Hans Wegner Shell Chair.