Notes from the Barcelona Chair: The Neutral color for 2021

Through the last years, the use of neutral colors in interior design has been hugely popular, even excessive for some critics, arguing that the color grey should be putting to rest for a while. 

Why neutral colors are still so popular?

Though, neutral colors are popular due to several reasons.  With neutral colors you have the opportunity to enhance your room using the colors of your very furniture. That will reinforce the perception of the focal point of the room, and will create the effect of a very fresh, illuminated place.

Besides, The major trends in Interior Design nowadays are very found of neutral colors, as a basic principle. Scandinavian and Coastal Living,  make a profuse use of white, clear shades, due to its preference for clear and light rooms. Mid Century Modern, on the other hand, works very well with clear colors and leather furniture, for example, but it brings a color palette of its own, with strong yellow and orange as relevant presences, among the classic shades of browns.

In 2021, color is expected to make a great comeback, both in furniture and walls, so its interesting to see how neutral colors will adapt to the current trends. Let’s take a look to some alternatives.


If you want to evolve into the new trends in 2021, but still feel deeply attached to the unavoidable grey, one beautiful choice is green-grey. With this hue you will get the neutral effect of grey, but with the freshness and color of green, something very trendy in this earth – friendly times. This tone works really well with furniture in blue, white, and with dark grey

French Vanilla

The new sensation in neutral gives a pleasant, warm sensation in neutral. French vanilla creates a brighter, kind space, and this makes it special for a lot of spaces, like child care-centers; nurseries; and homes of course.


You can see the strong influence of Mid Century Modern with the preeminence of brown as a neutral color. A group of dark brown furniture will be the perfect mate for a subtle, soft hazelnut wall. Of course, the best way to make a perfect match in this option is using some Mid Century Modern classic furniture, like for example, a Barcelona Sofa.


Mint is a very interesting alternative, to some point underestimated. It has a powerful effect combined with bright colors, like red, orange. Suitable for home spaces, it has a relaxing and energizing effect.

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