New trends in the market of furniture, by the Barcelona Chair

The market of furniture is evolving adapting to the new trends, the emergency of the COVID 19, and technological changes. The online experience and a new preference for environmental-friendly items are some of its main features. The Barcelona Chair has the potential to jump into one of the trends, Let’s take a look.

What are the main trends in the furniture market in 2020?

  1. More eco – friendly solutions. People are looking for socially responsible purchases. Eco friendly, protecting the environment, not promoting child labor, and in favor of fair trade. This market is growing and people are looking to see that reflected in its labels.
  2. More and more online experiences. Internet generations (Millenials, Generation X, Generation Z) are taking control of the markets, and giving a new shape to the ways of shopping.  Buy online is growing fast and people expect that these services grow in value so you can experience great satisfaction through all its steps. People are expecting that all store has its online counterpart and that its called the Amazon effect
  3. Mobile Spaces and WFH. After the emergence of the COVID 19 situation, there is a strong demand for home solutions to work, and a whole new culture of Working From Home, WFH is born, to stay for a long time, People need to work comfortably and healthy at their houses.  Besides, this has an indirect impact on the classic office, were private spaces, and fixed workstations tend to make room for more team-oriented places,
  4. Larger furniture, Nowadays, 40% of the adult population in the US is obese. This has a huge impact on the way furniture should be designed, Office spaces and home furniture must consider this as an important factor, to offer solutions that include this significant group of the population. It must take into account that obesity impacts not only weight, with the need for more capacity, but in height too, So, more strong and larger items of furniture are demanded.

The Barcelona Chair by Manhattan Home Design and the trends in 2020

A quick look at the main features of the Barcelona Chair is enough to see how it adapts to the spirit of the arts.  Rendered by an awarded online company, with a strong commitment for quality and faithful to a design that experiments with the best materials for an endurable and affordable piece of furniture, the Barcelona Chair has what it takes to be part of the trends in 2020.
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