More than just a chair: The Barcelona Chair

Why purchase a Mid Century Modern Chair? Aren’t chairs just made for sit and that’s it?

From time to time is common to hear some people that consider design chairs (original or replicas), as a senseless spent, a not worthy investment. 
Truth can be very different. A chair could be a great antique. Consider one original Tulip Chair, made in the 1950s. It is a breakthrough design, that made a school of style. It’s valuable.

So, design chairs are considered as antiques and are worthy just because of that.

Chairs can be considered symbols of status and beauty too.
A Barcelona Chair embeds beauty, design and is a classic of design. An original made in the 1930s or 1940s is a valuable antique. But one manufactured today can be considered as an accent chair or an ornamental object that adds value to your decor and property.

Knoll manufactures the original since the 1950s when it started to be produced in America. Now there are very high-quality replica renderings, like the Manhattan Home Design