Manhattan Home Design and The Barcelona Chair. A sum of awards.

Manhattan Home Design and The Barcelona Chair. A sum of awards.

A long way paved with excellence and acknowledgment of a quality commitment is the path followed by Manhattan Home Design, since 2002.
Looking for all possible means to stand out over a very competitive world, awards are always a good way to testify when an effort made to achieve a steady result is consolidated. And this is the case with Manhattan Home Design, with its numerous acknowledgments. Just to name a few:
Inc500. Dedicated to the more relevant small companies in the US on a nationwide scope.

US Small Business Administration.

Dedicated to small companies on a nationwide that stand out among the rest, due to its excellent results.

Ebay medal for the Top Reader.

An excellent effort to build some reputation as a trustable partner.

Houzz Award for the Excellence in Service.

A very prestigious acknowledgment about the quality not only of materials but other elements of the service, like Service post-sales and client support.
In these times of change, only stores with vision and a commitment with quality can really bring you a satisfying experience with your favorite style. Trust in Manhattan Home Design to enjoy your experience with the Barcelona Chair and Mid Century Modern.