Mad Men and the Barcelona Daybed, a Trend that Grows with time

With just one simple search on the web, you can notice how much impact had the famous TV Series drama Mad Men on the TV and popular culture of the American scene.  From reviews of the best or worst season, articles dedicated just to analyze one character, or reviews about its particular Design of Production (Costumes and the carefully planned TV sets), the adventures and dramatic events in the life of Don Draper and Sally Draper are still in the trends. And with that popularity, Mid Century Modern and design items like the Barcelona Chair are still rocking, too.                                                                                                                                 

Mad Men” is definitely one of the best TV series of all time.  It won 16 Emmys and 5 Golden Globes, running from 2007 to 2015. Settled in the advertising world in the New York of the ’60s, it had widespread critical acclaim due to its historic accuracy, story, and acting…And the Barcelona Collection and all the Mid Century Modern style have a good role in this tremendous success. 

There is no doubt that  Interior Design and furniture proved to be a great part of the story of Mad Men.

The Paradise of Mid Century Modern

It’s New York in the 60s. What would you expect? We are at the peak of the furor for the Mid Century Modern Style, and it reflects in all the sets of this production: There are Eames chairs all over the place, Arco Lamps, Saarinen tables (Tulip Tables), and even a  Barcelona Daybed. All the fashion trends of the sixties are shown in this TV series with accuracy and taste.

The furor over the style and fashion of this series is such, that enthusiasts all over the world are documenting episode after episode the particular the furniture and decor in every chapter. 

Sometimes, you may not be aware of the full potential of a piece of furniture, even if it is a Mid Century Modern icon. All of our furniture with its swanky, modernist flair will adorn your indoor and outdoor space in such a way that screams design acuity. In Mad Men, the sets are layered with various midcentury pieces. 

In the chapter when Betty, the wife of Don Drapper, goes to the psychoanalyst, many interesting things have been said, but is quite remarkable to see all the furniture that a wealthy psychoanalyst in the 60’s set in its consulting room. 

Betty is reclined in a Barcelona Daybed to express her inner thoughts. while her psychoanalyst relaxes in a Eames , and a Tulip Table pick the cigarettes. A whole homage to Mid Century Modern design and furniture. By the way how curious is to see someone over a Barcelona Daybed without a smile. 

Peggy Olson and Sally Draper exchange some words about coming marketing campaigns on their Eames plastic chairs. The hyper-realism of this series is never enough addressed, and along with the furniture, all custom, office supplies, and devices are accurately settled, not only in the decade of 1960s but in the specific year they appeared in the market.

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