Leather vs Fabrics: The Eternal Battle of Sofas, by the Barcelona Sofa

Traditionally the market of sofas is subject to a subtle battle between leather lovers on one side, and fabric enthusiasts in the other. 

Several years ago, leather and fabrics shared the preferences of the public in a more balanced way, but recently there has been a progressive shift inside the public preferences, and microfiber and velvet are gaining ground. 

This progressive shift has to do with the preference for more colorful and rounded sofas. Fabrics sofas manufacture characteristics allow them to display more flexible, different frames and models. 

Nevertheless, this trend is more focused on the middle price range, where microfiber is well demanded. For high range, luxury demands, leather keeps its status of a favored model. Sofas like the Barcelona Sofa lead the market of luxury and Design Enthusiasts. 

Leather has some advantages over microfiber or velvet. Is Much easier to clean, won’t retain odors, it barely requires some maintenance.
On the other hand, leather has a quick transfer of temperature, so if it suddenly the place gets hot, it will be quickly warm, and vice versa. Microfiber has a more stable temperature and people looking for a “coziness” as their first priority like that.

But in the end, with large numbers, leather is preferred when there are not budget restrain, to build luxury spaces.

The Barcelona Sofa is one fine example of a high range quality leather brand. Manhattan Home Design is one of the better alternatives to experience this marvelous item of design.