Leather Goes Beyond Brown

The palette of color for sofas tend to be more stable than fabrics. But that doesn’t mean that a sofa has to be only a brown Chesterton one. There are alternatives. Let’s take a look.

A basic palette for leather sofas

Single basic tones and several groups have everything you need for a elegant living, you just have to  explore a little bit.

White Series:

All clear, neutral colors are extremely popular, and some say that too much. White furniture asks for a more colorful approach to your walls.

Popular tones in white:

  • Cream 
  • Vanilla                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Brown series. 

The most popular choice in leather sofas. Brown goes well in almost any ambient, and allows leather to show its inner virtues.

Popular tones in brown:

  • Dark Brown
  • Warm Brown
  • Saddle Brown
  • Walnut
  • Chocolate


Just like white, and grey, its  of the most popular options right now.

Popular tones in Beige

  • Caramel
  • Sand


A bold choice, has to be taken with caution, but it can bring you great rewards. 

Popular tones in red:

  • Burgundy
  • Cherry


The most popular option right now. People love it because it allows you to play with different color options in your walls and other furniture.

Popular tones in gray:

  • Charcoal Gray
  • Slate Gray
  • Light Grey

Other color choices:

  • Green
  • Yellow
  •  Blue


Probably the most consolidate choice for stylish spaces sophisticated choice, goes will in contemporary livings.

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