Leather Daybeds (Barcelona Daybed) vs Regular Daybeds

What Daybed may seem more comfortable to you? A leather Daybed, like the Barcelona Daybed, or a regular daybed?

Leather daybeds and regular daybeds, all have their enthusiasts and not-so much-enthusiasts.  A leather daybed has a body of cushions and a bolster that projects the sophistication and the sensation of leather. A regular daybed generally has a twin size mattress that can use regular bedroom wear.

The sensations and the experience in both cases are different. A regular daybed can be comfortable and cozy, but maybe just a little messy when is used.  Would you place one in your living room, or in a more public spot of your house?  Would you use it in your living room when receiving guests?

On the other hand, the Barcelona Daybed has this elegant, beautiful silhouette so particular. The leather upholstery brings it that shiny comfortable, soft appearance that attracts us so much around leather.  It definitively looks great in a Contempo, trendy living room, or any other space (with the exception of outdoors). 

But keep in mind that people looking for a whole sleep nap session may find it a little cold. Made for recline and relax while share with your guests, the Barcelona Daybed is a very sociable piece of design.

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