Japanese manga and the Barcelona Chair: An amazing and unexpected mix

Spy X, the Japanese manga created by Shonen Jump + where Mid Century Modern Furniture is the vehicle for its character to express themselves, is now a huge success. Released in september 2020, this innovative thriller – comedy has now 6 millions of episodes sold since it begun. A major success. How much of its success has to do with the image and sophistication of design items like the Barcelona Chair?
Experts in the field of manga consider that The Spy x Family brand becomes even more impressive because the manga is relatively recent and had only 5 volumes published in Japan. That is, it is an average of more than one million per new edition of the manga.

The Barcelona Chair: One Leading Role

Spy X Barcelona Chair

All characters in the series have a special relationship with one chair. And that is the case for the Barcelona Chair, which turns to be the special seat piece for one of the main characters: the police officer Yuri.
As we can see,the Barcelona Chair is always a classic in all trends, even in very hip niches, like the Japanese anime. A classic since 1929, with the vitality of a manga. You can be part of the experience in Manhattan Home Design, with the best replicas renditions, like the Barcelona Chair.