Is the market of replicas good or bad for furniture?

Some people say that buying a replica is not a good practice, because it will never be as good as the original piece. Maybe there are replicas markets that work better than others. A replica of a luxury watch, for example, it will never meet closely the standards of the original watch, because the original piece has a gold and diamonds mechanism.

In the furniture market, things are maybe different. While there are not partners at all, the design houses and the replicas stores have a more complementary relationship. The original house will sell an original piece in several thousands of dollars, while in the replicas store it will cost a fraction of this. Many people tend to look for replicas because they find a high-quality level, similar to the original piece. So, décor enthusiasts and lenders find that buy replicas are a way that helps to know the original pieces, understand it, and appreciate it, without spending in the first moment all that amount of money.

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