Is it worthy a Barcelona Chair Replica?

In spite its great popularity since the rise of Mid Century Modern in the 1990s, there are some people that still has comments about the convenience of buying furniture replicas.

Barcelona Chair blue
The Barcelona Chair Replica, by Barcelona Designs

Topics like quality, loyalty to the original mark or status emerge from time to time. But what is the reality of furniture replicas? Is it the Barcelona Chair Replica a good choice? Over what base we qualify the value of a replica? 

Let’s exchange some thoughts about it. But its convenient to establish about the term replica.

What is a replica?

In furniture, a replica is a exact rendering of a design piece, by a manufacturer different than the original. This reproduction has to met the original standards of the first design, not only in its aesthetics, but in its functionality.

So, its important how careful is the manufacturer with the selection of materials and its process of assembling and quality ends. A Barcelona Chair Replica, to be considered like that, must look as the original, but not only look, but it has to feel the same and has a quality standard to last for years, just like the original piece. 

Keep this in mind: A replica is not cheap furniture. A piece of low cost furniture has so many low ends details and deficiency issues, that is notoriously identified as a simple copy or bad quality piece.

But if a replica is almost an exact copy of the original piece, what’s the difference between a replica and original? what’s the buzz about?
Price, of course. Replicas manufacturers don’t pay for original license or brand copyrights for the exclusive use of the brand, logo and other marketing tools. That allow them to present a pretty decent product for a broader public (without infringe any owner’s right).

Mid Century Modern and Replicas

Since the mid 1990s, Mid Century Modern Style rise steadily in the taste of American consumers, practically without interruptions to this day. The clean cut, functional and beautiful designs of pieces like the Barcelona Chair has sink deeply into the American mainstream, to the point that a market of replicas born to satisfy a hungry demand.

The result is evident in prestigious dealers like Barcelona Designs, committed to render the best possible replica of classic Mid Century Modern pieces like the Barcelona Chair. 

Replicas Vs The Original. What is best for you?

Usually you should expect for someone with enough budget and enthusiast of design and Mid Century Modern investing in a original piece. But not all the cases are the same and there are several good reasons where a replica is no your second, but your best choice. Let’s see:

Reasons to buy a replica furniture

Use it as a “proxy”

Do you like a certain piece of furniture but you don’t want to spend a great amount of your budget? Still not sure if this piece really fir in your place?. A replica may help you. With an affordable price and a high quality presentation, a replica may tell you accurately is this piece is made for your space. 

Real State

Its common practice in the Real State sector to use replicas in houses for rent, to create a great effect without recurring to a big investment. It brings the benefit of fill the place with style, and get the most of it. This is appreciated both for owners and clients so they see how beautiful may become your space with design pieces. 


Do you have children, pets, but you are at the same time an avid enthusiast for the Barcelona Collection?…In that case, replicas can work right for you. Original design pieces are really expensive to be damaged or deteriorated. Using replicas you have the opportunity of keeping in style while your budget is wisely managed. 

Quality at affordable prices

At last but not least. Real replicas are true to design and have high standards of quality. Without false dogmatism, you can trust in well established replicas manufacturers to create the space of your dreams. Replicas is often called like the smart decision. You get a high quality solutions, without paying for a seal or brand. 

The Barcelona Chair 

Barcelona Chair and Tulip Table
The Barcelona Chair, part of the Barcelona Collection

The Barcelona Chair is one of the most popular and iconic chairs ever made. It was created in 1928 by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe as a part of the Barcelona Collection, a series of furniture items, where a Sofa, a Loveseat, a Bench, a Table and an Ottoman are the other elements.

The Barcelona Chair has an “X”chromed frame of stainless steel that provide its iconic image, and supports a squared comfortable black leather cushion. The Barcelona Chair is the primal item of the collection and the design of all the elements (sofa, loveseat and an the benches) are elicited of the Barcelona Chair.

Since its release in 1928, the Barcelona Chair was regarded as breakthrough in the field of furniture and Interior Design, due to its experimental approaching to materials, the priority of function, and its minimalist shape.

The result of this principles was depurated, elegant and sober. 
The Barcelona Chair ReplicaThe rendering of the Barcelona Chair, by Barcelona Designs is made being faithful to the original indications of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. A great quality choice to make the difference in your space as an accent chair. 

If you want to enjoy the experience of a great replica of any of this master pieces, don’t loose the opportunity and go to Barcelona Designs, the best alternative in the market of replicas of Mid Century Modern Style.