Is Barcelona Sofa a Male Sofa or a Female Sofa?

Nowadays, the market of sofas tends to a clear segmentation, where all potential groups of clients are targeted with a specific product. That is something common for most everyday products, but not that much in the market of furniture, where generic proposals are more frequently.

Lately, we can speak even of sofas for the female market or the male market. That pink rounded sofa, for example, appeals directly to the market of females (or to the market of people that enjoy the female expression of design). Even in elements like the legs and its ornamentation, you can tell that big differences can be applied to please a specific group.

That sure is a good answer for some people’s needs but is worthy to ask if all designs must go for differentiation so specific.

A perfect design

A perfect design is usually generic. For example, let’s think for a moment on the iPhone. Is it masculine or feminine?. Even when is not gender-oriented women and men enjoy the iPhone the same.

It’s the same with timeless design pieces, like the Barcelona Sofa. Created in 1928, is amazing to think that the key elements of its design haven’t changed. How is that possible? It happens when your design is perfect. And the design of the Barcelona Sofa is perfect, no doubts.