Interior Design Trends in 2021: What’s OUT?

As we discussed in our last articles, we are reviewing what’s IN and what’s OUT in Interior Design in 2021, according to very influential sources

As we can see, natural materials, plants, and some surprises are on the way. Have you heard about Modern Farm? GrandMillenial Style?

And Mid Century Modern Style does stand tall? Masterpieces like the Barcelona Chair or the Hans Wegner Chair will stay as part of the most wanted pieces?

For now, we will make a quick review of what’s out in decor.

What’s OUT for 2021 in Interior Design:


It looked terrific in the 1990s and they were all over the place: Homes, Airports, Malls, Hospitals. Concrete floors were extremely popular due to its versatility and its easy maintenance. Today we’ve seen enough of this trend and maybe is time for concrete to rest for a while.

Pale Monochromatic spaces

Maybe is fatigue for so many years of Scandinavian imperialism, but it looks like the neutral color trend has gone too far for so long. Bold monochromatic choices are welcomed, so pale grey, pale beige, pale sand must take a break for now. 

Subway Tile

Another overexposed material. Subway tile, supposedly used for the first time in the NYC sub, became highly popular in the 1990s, and it still is.

Indeed it became a classic for cafes, bistros, bakeries, and so on. The new trends are all about color and life, so there is no space for that boring (now) white walls.

Mirrored Furniture

Lucite is a better alternative. Mirrored furniture had a short revival by grandmilenials, but it fell in disgrace quickly. Maybe is related to the very inconveniences of excessive mirrors, it doesn’t matter the particular style and time we are. 


Staining or etching is a permanent risk with marble and that makes it sometimes undesirable, especially in kitchens where it turns to be inevitable. Faux marble imitations are doing great (porcelain, plastic fiber), is less expensive, and reaches almost the same heights of beauty. 

Metal Furniture

Considered now as uncomfortable and cold, metal frames in beds, sofas, chairs, maybe should give space to more warm, luxury alternatives.


With the same charm as marble, granite tends to suffer from the same aches. Quartz is a great alternative now for both of these materials

If you want to enter the world of classic masterworks of Design, don’t miss the opportunity in Barcelona Design, the place for classic pieces, like the Barcelona Chair and the Hans Wegner Shell Chair.